110% Guarantee

The SnoGo Ski and Snowboard Window Rack is the only ski or snowboard rack with a 110% money-back guarantee. 15 years of Ski snowboarding experience, combined with strenuous testing have been combined to create the easiest to use vehicle snowboard rack, that can hold two boards.

If the SnoGo Ski or Snowboard Window Rack, isnít the best, most portable ski or snowboard vehicle rack that you have ever used, simply return it for a prompt and courteous 100% refund of your full purchase price, plus an additional 10% gift, even if you have used the product for six months

Try the SnoGo ski or Snowboard Window Rack yourself, and send us your testimonial and story. If this isnít the most portable and easy to use ski or Snowboard Rack you can find the on the market, you will receive a prompt and courteous 110% refund of the entire product price.

*The 110% guarantee does not apply to distributor or reseller volume purchases.