$110.00 Preorder Special SnoGo Snowboard Window Rack

You are probably here now because you either purchased or tried to purchase the SnoGo Snowboard Rack. Well friends the time has finally come and I am ready to sell it, but not without your help. But first let me tell you a story in order for you to feel sorry for me and feel compelled to drop 110 bucks and help me jump start my business.

I had a solid life plan I was in finance living in Boston I was going in the right direction in my life, but to be honest I was bored to hell. Then in February of 2009 I became another victim of the recession, a statistic if you will among millions counting ourselves among the unemployed. I decided to be proactive and try and start my own company, as I contemplated how and what I should be doing I had an epiphany! There was time I used to own a snowboard rack that fit on my car window, and I realized I could no longer buy that any more. So I had decided on my product, the next steps involved spending more money than I could afford, putting together a website, building prototypes, and finally producing the ski rack you see on my site.

I decided to build the ski rack because quite simply it was cheaper to build, and I didn’t have enough money to build the snowboard rack. Well since that time I have had very little interest in the ski rack, and a ton of interest in the snowboard rack. In fact enough people have asked about it that I am hoping to offer a pre sale to help me jump start my company and put me in a position where I will never ever get laid off again!

So here is the deal I have contacted everyone who has shown any interest in the Snowboard Rack in the past year and am offering the Snowboard Rack for $110.00 with free shipping in the US. Which when you include shipping costs is a $28.00 price difference from the normal price of 138.00 when you include shipping and handling. Now the one catch is that for the discounted price I will be using that money for the initial production run which will take between four to six weeks. Now I realize that will put people who purchase these racks at the tail end of winter, but I can assure you will be getting a fantastic product that will last you a long time and you will be helping someone realize their dream of owning and operating their own business.

Feel free to share this link with anyone you find interested in, and if you have any further questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment below.

The fourth and final installment of the Battle for Burlington is this Saturday at Jay Peak Resort.  Winter Racks will be there showing off our product, if you see the Red Audi feel free to stop by and say hello.  Click Here to find event info, and I hope to see you there.

The Battle for Sugarbush was a great success, my only complaint was that I locked my keys in the car and had to drive all the way back to Burlington to get another pair, but other than that minor set back the day was great with the best College and High school kids throwing it down.  Here are a few pics that I took, I will admit the quality is not that great, as my camera is not very good for the actions shots.

To see the pics just click on the gallery

So the Battle for Burlington keeps on moving on, it looks like the rain is going to hold out.  If you got nothing to do, even if you have something to do head on over to Sugarbush to see the best college ski and snowboarders out there throwing down on the Mountain.  Look for us we will be near the Red Audi!

This post is a little late, but Winter Racks, and Battle for Burlington have teamed up to bring four competitions over the winter of 2010.  The Battle for Burlington is best described by their website:

The Battle for Burlington is a grassroots event series created by two riders who recognized that no events existed which catered to the heavily involved youth and collegiate snow sports culture. The events are developed in partnership with sponsors and local Ski & Ride clubs. The Battle for Burlington produces events that gives talented riders a fun, safe, and energetic venue in which to showcase their talents in front of family, friends, peers, and spectators. Our event coordinators résumé experience includes working with Burton Snowboards, RED Protection, Anon Optics, Jay Peak Resort, Bolton Valley Resort, Fuse Sports Marketing.

So with that being said we were unable to attend the first event at Stowe on January 30th, but made the second event at Bolton Valley on February 20th for the¬†High school¬†showdown. ¬†Unfortunately¬†for us the weather didn’t quite cooperate and what had been a great snowy day turned into a slight drizzle, that left a thin coat of ice on our clothes. ¬†It however failed to dampen spirits, and it was fantastic watching some of the best high school ski and snowboarders out there, throwing down on the rail jam.

I was going to post pictures of the event but it won’t let me so stay tuned!

Next Event is March 13th at Sugarbush Ski Resort.

Update:  I just figured out how to post pictures, so here is one from the event, not much, but I plan to have way more from Sugarbush.

Posing in front of the Offical Car of Battle for Burlington